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a bit about me:

I’m Mohammed Jamil. A high-end Amazon Consultant since 2015. And a top rated Amazon Consultant on UpWork.
I’ve helped over 100 Amazon sellers make millions. My clients currently make 7 million dollars or more. I even helped one of my clients get an increase of more than $700.000.00 dollars in just 1.5 Years! But, most of my clients go from $30-100k to in sales in just 7 to 8 months.
I’ve helped successfully launch more than 300 products on Amazon. And I made those products bestsellers from day one.
But, not everyone that pays gets a chance to work with me. I only work with sellers I think are worthy. But, I still love giving useful advice to enthusiasts.
I’m also a coach. I’m teaching how to use the unused potential of your products. I’ve taught students how to use simple systems to get hundreds of thousands in additional revenue. And how to build an Amazon empire.

My Skills:​​

  • Amazon Web-Store Management

  • Messenger BOT Expert

  • Amazon Private Label Consultant

  • Amazon PPC (pay-per-click)

  • Amazon FBA Account Setup

  • E-Commerce Platform Development

  • Click Funnels

  • Email Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Payment Gateway Integration.

  • Product Development

  • Sales Funnel Consultant

Schedule a FREE call with me to discover how to grow your Amazon Store revenue:

My Story:

I’m Mohammed Jamil. And I come from Bangladesh.

Marketing has always been my passion.

I spent countless sleepless nights. Studying at night and working by day. I knew if I work on my passion I can help people fulfill their dreams. I got back to university to get an MBA in Marketing. In 2014.

When I arrived in USA in 2014 I took a corporate job. Boring clients. 9 to 5 hours. I left after a year. I opened an Amazon store and within 3 months made $50.000.00 in sales. Later I discovered I wanted to help people grow their stores. That’s why I started working as an Amazon Consultant.

I was back to student life. Studying at night and working by day. I wanted to learn everything about Amazon selling. To give the best service, you need to know your industry as the back of your hand.

At first, it was hard. But eventually, the big fish started coming. In a few short months, I started working with clients making millions. And I added millions to their millions.

In 2015 I founded my own Consultancy, Exclusiva Inc.

In 2018 I decided to go one step further. I started teaching how to build a million dollar Amazon brand. I created Amazon Review System 2.0 Course. In the course I show how all big brands collecting use to get thousands of reviews and millions in sales. I reveal everything I know about marketing and building an 8 or 9 figure Amazon brand. In a matter of hours you learn what took me years to learn.

I want to give you the results. And I want to show people the path to financial freedom.


That’s why I created Amazon Review System 2.0. That’s why I teach you how to build an Amazon Empire. And how to automate the empire so you don’t have to work at all. But, the money will keep coming.

You want someone else to put everything in place for you? Not a problem! Schedule a call with me!

And I’ll tell you the best ways to grow your revenue!

*Due to large demand, you may find that there are no or few spots available when you schedule your call. If so, try again later. *

*Please do not book multiple times*



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Case Study -1

102 Unit Sale in Just 24 Hours! 

Case Study -2 

3 Weeks Sales Increase From 3K to 14K!

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