Hi, My name is Jamil and I'm a Top Rated Amazon Consultant. The Most common question & biggest problem that every newcomer and existing Amazon seller having with Amazon Private label business which is "What is the proper way to launch Product on Amazon?". Now there are so many guru's & tools out there and most of the suggesting same way which is "give away a lot of quantity" upfront. 


But Reality is "Amazon" Doesn't like Giveaway and this giveaway is the biggest barrier to get Reviews for your product because Amazon doesn't allow review in exchange for heavily discount product.


Now, giveaway may help you to boost your product rank but it's not for the long term because your product doesn't have enough review, means giveaway can't solve your review problem and also the outcome from giveaway is not stable. 


Introducing, for the first time, we revealed a way of launching where we will solve 3 problems from day 1 of your product launch. We call it 3 in One. In this unique service, we will help you to get "Rank+ Review & Also help you to build targeted Audience. We called it "Amazon Product Launch BOT"


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