Discover: How 8 & 9 Figure Amazon Brands Use

2 Simple Systems to 

Get Hundreds of Legit Reviews and Millions in Sales 

(HINT! You Can Do it too!)

I’m sorry to tell you, but…

You’ll go bankrupt.

Your Amazon store will drop to the last page.

Your competitors will laugh at you.

If you don’t do things right, that’s the harsh reality…

Your Amazon “guru” didn’t tell you that, did he?

He promised you riches. And ‘stole’ a few grand from you for a course that taught you nothing about Amazon’s secrets.

“Live your dream life in a matter of months”, it probably said.

But, turns out, it’s harder than it sounds. Sure, some people might have their dream life in a matter of months. But, for the majority, you’ll never live your dream life as an Amazon Private Label Seller. Why? Because your expensive “guru” didn’t teach you how to use simple systems to rank high. Your “guru” didn’t tell you about the importance of trustworthy reviews. Amazon reviews maybe even weren’t mentioned in the course you took.

But, let’s say the course did teach you how to get reviews…

If it did, it probably taught you these review systems: email automation, asking for reviews from friends and family, using Facebook groups, putting greeting cards in your products. Or, the worst of them all… buying illegal reviews.

They didn’t teach you how to get consistent, trustworthy reviews without moving a finger, did they?

Let me tell you something. There are 2 systems used by 8 and 9 figure Amazon Brands to get reliable reviews. The first has an open rate of up to 90%. And the second has a conversion rate of up to 40%!

How do I know this?

I create these systems for 8 and 9 figure Amazon brands.

I’m working as a high-end Amazon Consultant since 2015. Ever since, I’ve analyzed what 8 and 9 figures brands do to always rank high.

And now, in the following video, I tell you what I do for 8 and 9 figure brands. I reveal some of the simple systems that get hundreds of reviews. And I show how you can do it too!

Or, you can skip all the work. You can have someone put the systems in place for you. Schedule a call with me.

I’ll help you discover:

  • The mistakes in your marketing.

  • How to use a simple bot to get hundreds of reviews.

  • How to permanently rank high on Amazon.

  • How to double, triple, or even have more than a ten times increase in your sales.

  • How never to go bankrupt.

Some of the clients, now owners of successful Amazon brands:

Mohammed is very knowledgeable and thorough. He is quick too. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for the same type work to be done.

Abbie Qi - Amazon Seller

Mohammed beyond exceeded my expectations. Not only was the work done before the deadline, but he even called me and gave me advice about my business for over one hour. He really cares about helping others and making sure you are happy with the work he has done.

When you hire him you know he'll complete the job and you have peace of mind the whole time cause he's actually a professional - unlike some of my previous Upwork experiences. I wish he offered life coaching services, cause I'd probably hire him for that too.. So happy to not have to look elsewhere anymore. Save yourself the time and trouble of testing others...just hire Mohammed and let him work his magic

Tania Tsarouhas -

Amazon seller

Mr. Jamil made a great job and we are absolutely satisfied , moreover he took the time, to explain to us what he did in detail. Gladly we give him as our recommendation, for your PPC strategies.

Bonn - Amazon Seller

Jamil completed my Amazon Store & PPC Ad campaign Audit-finding my problem & show the solution & Provide me an Optimized Structure of PPC ad campaign. I recommend him as an amazon PPC Ad manager. He is the person who can manage your Ad campaign in right direction & save your extra expenses on AD. Would love to hire again for long term basis.

Brain -CEO - Human (Digital Marketing Agency) 

Jamil is great to work with. I highly recommend him. He created and optimized my product listing by doing keyword research and taught me all about the product ranking process. Jamil also set up my FBA shipping account, and he showed me how to label and ship my products. Jamil has a lot of patience and a sunny personality.

Mike Cumming-

Amazon seller

Jamil was easy to work with. He is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic and readily shared his ideas and experience. Jamil was able to work within my timetable and he helped me achieve exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend him and I plan on using him again

Barbara - Amazon seller

Mohammad was very helpful and dependable. He has great communication skills. His knowledge of the Amazon platform is brilliant and second to none. Do yourself a favor and hire this man for your next job. He will not disappoint you. I will use him again in the future to launch my second product. Mohammad thank you for everything you said you would do. It was a pleasure working with you! I wish you the best and know your the best!

Sue Cole - Amazon Seller

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