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How to Get Double Sales & Double Review From One Person!

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 12.35.54

Just Imagine - If you have a system where you can double, triple result by spending the same amount of money on the ad. If you familiar with sales funnel you know how they put UPSELL and down sell on the same funnel to maximize the result. I applied the same technique to my many chat flows and as you can see above screenshot, one of my customers brought 2 product and at the same time, she signup for review for both products means after 10 days she will get Review request sequence.


We all know that Amazon Not allow review in exchange of discount product, my this system is 100% legit and not violating any amazon rules - means I'm not offering any discount coupon code in my campaign - means if that above person leave review for both my product - that reviews will be verified & 100% legit! 


In my above screenshot  - Before I explain let me give you a clear explanation of my Tags. 


(A)(B) - this tag represents - every time if an audience or buyer interest to buy our product! 

(C)(D) - this tag represents - every time if an audience or buyer confirmed that they purchase our products!

(E)(F) - this tag represents - If a buyer confirmed that they purchase our product- we tag them for our Review Sequence which they will receive after 10 days from the day of purchase!


Now in our Above screenshot, you can see - how this one lady bought our both product and she will be going to get review sequence for both products means we can get reviews for our both product, isn't it Awesome! 


If you would like to set up the system for your product, contact me! It just blows your mind. This types of the campaign not only rank your product but also help you to get reviews!


Need to know more about it : 


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