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Amazon SEO

I'm here to offer you Amazon SEO on reasonable prices

I will do a keyword research for your amazon listing

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Keyword Research 1 ASIN

Keyword Research for your Amazon listing or ppc campaigns

3 Days Delivery

About This Gig

I will do an advanced keyword research to find the most relevant keywords for your ASIN.


My employee experience at Amazon as an Advertising Support Specialist gives me vital knowledge on how to manage PPC campaigns and as well how to solve technical issues.


I am certified in Sponsored Ads, such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, with emphasis on retail readiness, sponsored ad strategy (e.g. to have your product displayed at the top of the listing search page) and campaign optimization.


In this gig, I will manage your current campaigns and optimize bids of your keywords for 1 month. You can leave to work of optimizing and tracking your campaigns to me and focus on your business.


I will keep you up to date on a weekly basis.


If you have any questions regarding this gig, let me know.

I am happy to help!

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I will create your amazon keyword research for PPC and SEO listing

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Amazon Keyword Research

​✔ Top & Longtail Keywords ✔ Top Competitors ✔ Title & Backend Keywords for 1x ASIN

2 Days Delivery

Unlimited Revision

About This Gig

Having an product that sells is a dream come true. What could be better than increase sales efficiently? The key is simple. You need the right amazon keywords for your ppc campaigns & amazon listing. That's what I can provide as your SEO expert.


What do you get?

  • Top Keywords (incl. search volume): they have maximum relevance and search volume. With these you will generate the most revenue and build strong rankings.

  • Longtail Keywords (incl. search volume): all relevant longtail phrases. With these you will generate sales at attractive click prices.

  • Bestseller Competitors: all top competitors of the product niche. With these, you will grab your competitors sales.

  • Product Title: you get an SEO optimized title, which converts.

  • Backend Keywords: 249 optimized bytes ready for copy/paste into your backend.


Why me?

  • 5 years specialized in SEO & PPC amazon services

  • german native speaker

  • premium tools

  • fast response & delivery

  • experienced in the following marketplaces: DE, US, UK, FR, IT, FR


How it works?

  • choose your package, place your order & add product infos

  • within 48 hours you get your complete research


For more information check the FAQs!


Let´s increase sales, SO ORDER NOW!

Order a Service

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Select your product:


Thanks for ordering!

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Abbie Qi - Amazon Seller

Mohammed is very knowledgeable and thorough. He is quick too. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for the same type work to be done.

Working on Laptop

Tania Tsarouhas - Amazon Seller

Mohammed beyond exceeded my expectations. Not only was the work done before the deadline, but he even called me and gave me advice about my business for over one hour. He really cares about helping others and making sure you are happy with the work he has done.

When you hire him you know he'll complete the job and you have peace of mind the whole time cause he's actually a professional - unlike some of my previous Upwork experiences. I wish he offered life coaching services, cause I'd probably hire him for that too.. So happy to not have to look elsewhere anymore. Save yourself the time and trouble of testing others...just hire Mohammed and let him work his magic

Bon - Amazon Seller

Mr. Jamil made a great job and we are absolutely satisfied , moreover he took the time, to explain to us what he did in detail. Gladly we give him as our recommendation, for your PPC strategies.

Image by Emily Underworld

Brain - CEO - Human 
(Digital Marketing Agency)

Jamil completed my Amazon Store & PPC Ad campaign Audit-finding my problem & show the solution & Provide me an Optimized Structure of PPC ad campaign. I recommend him as an amazon PPC Ad manager. He is the person who can manage your Ad campaign in right direction & save your extra expenses on AD. Would love to hire again for long term basis.

Image by Marques Thomas

Mike Cumming - 
Amazon Seller

Jamil is great to work with. I highly recommend him. He created and optimized my product listing by doing keyword research and taught me all about the product ranking process. Jamil also set up my FBA shipping account, and he showed me how to label and ship my products. Jamil has a lot of patience and a sunny personality.

Image by Piotr Cichosz

Barbara - Amazon Seller

Jamil was easy to work with. He is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic and readily shared his ideas and experience. Jamil was able to work within my timetable and he helped me achieve exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend him and I plan on using him again

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