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New Amazon Platform - Amazon Turkey

For some reason this news has gone under the radar but a brand new Amazon marketplace has launched this month - Amazon Turkey.

It's available at

This is the sixteenth Amazon website and it's launching with 15 categories to start with.


If you want to get started selling here - here's the link:

There's a special promotion running where the monthly membership fee is currently being waived for a limited time.


Here's some stats about doing business in Turkey:

Population: 80 million

GDP: 863 billion usd

Median age: 28 years old

GDP per capita: $10,817

Inflation rate: 11.14%

Unemployment rate: 11.26%

Imports: 233 billion usd

Exports: 157 billion usd

eCommerce volume: 6 billion usd

Annual eCommerce growth: 3.1%

Largest eCommerce sector: Electronics & Media (2 billion)

eCommerce user base: 39.3 million

Average revenue per user: $151 (for context America's ARPU is $1,952)


It's definitely still an emerging market so I wouldn't rush to start selling here but as with everything Amazon-related, this is again important news to be aware of and something to continue to track over the next 3-5 years.

I would say it's worth coming back in a few months (especially if you're in their top category of electronics) to see what kind of things have risen to be the top sellers - and in case your type of product is there, give it a go.


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